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Release #7 - From Hell and Web comics

We're finally going to release something other than Yaoi!
Yes, you hear me right! Finally we're releasing something other then Yaoi yay! Hopefully it'll turn into a regular project as well! Today we are release 3 chapters! Awesome right?
[Chapter 0 - 1]                          [One-shot] ....

Hey everyone! 
It hasn't been long has it? hardly a week hasn't it? Lol! We're starting get a better release habit haven't we? We're finally starting to get a regular release schedule out soon with all the new translators we've gotten lately. Be ready to expect more releases in the near future 

Today we're finally releasing something other then our regular yaoi. I know a few of you yaoi lovers are upset about that, but next release would most likely have some in it, right? *wink* lol

These two releases are WEB COMICS! yay~! Yep we've started to release web comics, or more specifically one for now like From Hell, by Hun. We'll hopefully you'll get excited about this new web comic! I also hope you guys like the title I made for it tee-hee~

The other web comic is a one shot one of our translators subjected, but unfortunately we were unable to find the real name of the web comic much less the author, so this release will not be allowed to leave our site, as in it will not be allowed to be posted anywhere else. That is unless we are able to find these information. Don't fret to the group of you who don't like reading releases from your file documents we have secret plans.

But if you wish to read it on your computer feel free to, just don't post it anywhere, we wouldn't like that very much. To get to the releases you will have to like always you'll have to download and read it here, But only AFTER becoming a reader in the forum. To become a Reader you must at least have five normal non-spamming posts, and then post the links in this forum here.

Even thought we have gotten more translators we could still in need of some Korean and Japanese translators. We could also use another typesetter! At this time we are not looking for any more Proof Readers, but we might need some more at a later time so keep your eyes out~

Hopefully I won't get beat up by the massive horde of Yaoi fans, for my top statment, Hahahaha! But I don't care I'm happy 

But like always, with love and until next time

- Pandora -

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1 Azula  
Can I upload it on MangaToshokan.com after 2 days or something?
MangaToshokan only uploads series with the scanlators permission.

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2 Pandora  
we already have been uploading them into the site. But we have a 24 hr wait. For the one shot, diffidently not, since we don't know the original name.

But in all it's a no since we are the ones to upload them. Don't worry they will be up there soon

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