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Release #8 - Read For Info

Sorry for the delay! Here we bring you our favorite Yaoi! and more!

[Chapter 1-2]...............[Chapter 5]
 [Volume 1 Chapter 4]  [Volume 1 Chapter 3-4]

Ok Everyone~ As you Noticed it says Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, so Please Download chapter 1 again. We Forgot to translate half of chapter 1 so if you dont, then you will be missing on what happens before chapter 2.  

Sweet Blood Its getting interesting~ I wonder what next... I WANT TO KNOW!!!! Dx But man does that vampire looks good! *nods* Seriusly...Poor Dragon! What will happen when the Vampire discovers the truth? I cant wait! *evil smirk* 

OK thnx for waiting for Fox! it took us a while but we finally finished chapter 4 ending volume 1. It might take longer now though....Most of our staff have began school again but we will work hard to bring it to you as fast as possible. 
Also Thank you for the last minute Release of 'A Love in 100 Days' with Rosa Negra and Tasty Kiwi Scans.

We have ourself a translator translating Ouke so wait for it soon. We have pick up some other projects too. 

We are still Looking for Translators! One or two Japanese translators, One of them who would be willing to translate yaoi. The same with Korean and Chinese(maybe).

In other news (o>O WTH did that come from?) 

Hurricane Irene might hit around where i live (New York) so i might not be online due to no electricity (so they say there might not be). If something its up and its an emergency, please PM Pandora. 

As for the waiting period. I noticed that in some places like Download sites, they do not wait for the 48 hours and put it before that. If this continue we will have to take drastic measures and you guys wont like that. So please wait for the waiting period. 
(Lol yeah you very much wouldn't like it, diffently the yaoi fans~ *Evil Grin* - Pandora)

Hmmm...I think thats all... Hmm soon we'll be releasing projects that are new. So wait for them. Most of the new projects info are in the forums, but some are still not up. Hopefully you guys will like it and enjoy it. 

Well see you guys and hopefully nothing bad happens to me D< 

With a bit of care form me, 


Lets Hope Nothing Happens to Hibari or her family. As well as the rest who are in the path of this hurricane!
(tee-hee, Post evasion >3 Muahahahahaha)
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Thank you very much for the hard work ^^

How to download?

Read the How to Download in the Forums.

Thank u!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!! DEVIL´S BRIDE!! it´s been so long since the last time I read this manwha ;__; You just made my day. Thank you for the hard work :DD

Thank you very much...

Bs From the drawings I can see its really interesting...Wanna check it out since the story it self is also quite catching...hmmmm....

I hope that you'd never drop Sweet Blood~ 'Coz IT'S AN AMAZING manhwa!!!! Thanks for your translations!!!! I mean it, THANK YOU!!!! hehe <3

We will never drop Sweet Blood >3 Its just at the moment we r short on Korean Translators.

I meant when "Sweet Blood" comes out in Korea xD Again sorry for the mistakes.

Thanks for your translation of "Sweet Blood". I wanted to ask if you know when go out the chapters of this manhwa. Sorry for language mistakes.

When there will be more? Well at the moment we're kind of low on Korean translators so it's a bit slow and most of our staff started school.


You have to be a READER which is the group that is alowed to download our release. You can find more info about this in the forums in the To Download Releases Section.

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