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Release # 9 Happy Halloween
Or a Very Happy Candy DAY~
Yeah i know it's late again =u= but oh well lol

[ One-Shot ]                          [ Chapter 1 ]

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! It's been a while hasn't it? Our last release was in August wasn't it? We got two new release today, just for you guys. We worked around the clock to get it ready for today! We're sorry about the lack of Releases, but most of our staff has returned back to their school and haven't had all that much time to translate/clean/typesetter and proofread things.

I Know it's not your guy's Yaoi but these two large chapters are a good Second, and for you non-yaoi lovers it will be the best!

I know I've been eagerly awaiting these two manga to get thought the works!

Continue has been with us as almost as long as i have. It's actually one of the first subjesstions i put up when i joined~ Continue is made by the maker of 'D.Gray-Man'. This one-shot is actually between her fist one-shot 'Zone' and the current manga 'D.Gray-Man' I know I've been waiting for this one for ever! Hibari even thought about making this a surprise release for me long time ago when we didn't have very reliable translators. Unfortunately she wasn't able to. Hehehehe >3

Yoshiwara is a relatively new project we've been looking at. It actually came with another project we are hopefully be able to release soon too. So Far Yoshiwara is really interesting, it's about this High school girl Called Hana, she was accidently slipped thought time. She found her self in this weird place, which turned out to the Red district in Edo times?!

I wish you all a good Halloween and Happy Candy day, and may you indulgent your self in the sweets of life! May your Halloween be filled with Laughs and Screams and of course a Happy day!

As some of you may know our Anniversary is on the 3rd of Dec. So there might not be releases until then, because we want to make sure you get a 'surprise' *wink* lol

We are actually in need of some Japanese and Korean translators! We want to pick a few projects up but don't have the translators for it! As well as if you want more yaoi we're going to need more Korean translators because most of our translators have returned to school, and the other translators are guys. I believe it's unfair to make the guys translate yaoi against their wills. Don't you? *puppy eyes*

Until Next time


P.S DX I had to do this twice because i deleted the first one. I didn't mean to T^T and now it's late... man i really need so sleep... T^T
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ahm......sorry to say this but i really like Yoshiwara Hana Oboro. i was wondering if you are going to be active anymore since you guys haven't updated on anything in quite awhile......

We are still active and we are going to release soon. We have been having some trouble but no fear they will come from today to New years.

This looks interesting :) I really want to read it. You´re wonderful guys!! Thank you for all the hard work.

u Can read it on manga fox ^_- if u wish

I'm so glad you guys are doing Sweet Blood and Devil's Bride. I've been in love with Devil's Bride since I bough the first manga back in 2008 before Tokyo Pop dropped it and then went bankrupt. You guys are my new favorite scans group. =)

Why? -.-
The page is cool, but fine
Here http://submanga.com/scanlation/Ryuusei_no_Mafia_Scanlation

I finally saw it =.= i have to use the translate.google thingy >> anyways cool page ^^

That's strange, I can see! http://ryuusei-no-mafia.forumfree.it/
Try again! We've a lot of projects xD
And the one-shot Continue is amazing!
Thank you very much for the permission! =)

nop...still a blank page

I’m Malu from the spanish scanlation Ryuusei no Mafia (http://ryuusei-no-mafia.forumfree.it)
I would like to ask you for permission to re-translate and re-edit: Continue (one-shot)
We'll respect all your rules.
Thank you for everything!!

U can malu, thnx for asking Us ^^

Hmm but that website appears blank to me...

thanks so much for the new series

Tks for this release! I'm loving this manga soooo much! =D
The plot is nice, the art is awesome! I'm in love for this guy s2
Please, continue with this great work! Can't wait to read more! *-*
I always follow the american scans cuz we have so few scan groups in my country...so pleeeease, don't drop this! Besides portuguese, english is the only language i know! hahaha
Anyway, wrote to much...sorry ><'
Tks again!

lol it's okay ^_^ we like when people get exicted. It's a lot better then one works XD lol but we love all the comments~ <3

We just wish people would get more active in the forums

YAAAAAAY!!! I love yoshiwara hana oboro!!! please keep scanning this series!!!!

Happy (belated) Halloween!
Thanks so much for scanning Yoshiwara Hana Oboro! It's such an awesome manga ;D

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