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Hello Everyone~

No, this is not a release, We are trying to inform you guy of what the USA Congress its trying to do. Said Congress its trying to pass an Act that would technically block everything in the internet. If you still do not understand, there are some videos to the side that explain this.

Here are the links too:


But we can do something about this! We can Sign petitions and other stuff! (which I'm not sure about >3)

Here are some websites that are fighting against this act:


Please fight with us too! This could be the end of internet as we know it...

If you are in the United States, Call your Representative, or mail them or even EMAIL THEM! Even if your not in the states Let them know that these will be effecting you as well. FIGHT FOR THIS!

Do be one of those people who don't really care at the moment but will care when everything its over and not available anymore.... LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD!


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