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Baby Yaoi?




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Yay to our second day of webtoon~! I hope you guys liked "Marry Me?" like i like it. It seems its going to be a very fun webtoon it seems lol.

Today is another Yaoi one (or so it says), this one has childcaring it seems and well...i could just not do it! I love childcaring in Yaoi manga <3 Who doesnt?! Leave me a comment telling me if you do too!

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Lets Start the Week of Yaoi Webtoons~



Yaoi!! And Our Facebook Page! Do like and Follow us to be alerted when there are new releases~

Let us begin this week with a week of yaoi webtoons. Of course, Astad is not Yaoi but all the others that will be released will be Yaoi so please enjoy them!

"Marry Me?" starts us with a fantasy set ... Read more »

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Lets welcome back the Non-Yaoi Club...




Hey guys~! -whispers- Lets see how this ones do...

LOL Anyways~ How are you today guys? Today there is not much compare to before but we are working on them! Tomorrow (Hopefully) I will have some more chpaters for you guys. Just saying ... Read more »
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I Love you Yaoi/Shounen Ai!!!



Hey guys~!

Just saying >> but we do got other projects than BL its juyst we need translators fo those....

But hey! WHo cares right now?! BL!! <3 (Looks at Ayaka who doesnt like very much BL) xD

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They won't stop attacking for a while yet.




Hello~! Happy new Years~ (where ever its still is) and Merry belated Xmas!

Well, actually....this was supposed to be released in Chrismas but stuff happened.....You know, the usual. Bu ... Read more »

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And you guys thought we were dead for good, didn't you?


Hello, there guys. Its been sooooo but soooooo long hasn't it?

But no worries! We are here! Bringing you new releases and old releases alike! -Well, technically, they are more new than old but ignore that!!- 
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Hello Everyone, Hibari Here!!

Just came back (Yes its been a long time) and i want to bring this group back to what it once was. For that we need staff!

We got a few projects that i know some people will be VERY interested in and we need:

JAPANESE TRANSLATORS: Unjou, GUMI, Prisoner, Yankee-Chan, Apollon, Kids Log, Renai, and some others.

KOREAN TRANSLATORS: A Thousand Fox, Vampire of the East, Sweet Blood.


Cleaners for all of the Above series along with Typesetters and Proofreaders.

If you think you could help, you are welcome to come!

Sincerely, Hibari.


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I tried drinking Cantarella, but decided not to...yet I still wonder, is it sweet or bitter?


  [Volume 1 Chapter 1]      [Chapter 04]

*Jumping up and down* OMG! YESH! Finally! One of my favorite song is ... Read more »

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I went on a Short trip in search of Eternity... Never Found it.

slkjbbqwiiu[One Shot]

Yay~ Finally get to release this One shot!! Just saying please excuse the quality. We are horrible at scanning from magazines.

This one shot has been on our hands for i think...one or two years... We finally got around to doing it after so many things~ I wanna thank Sunie for scanning this for us! She was the one who wanted to do this one and I'm happy we did it. I guess this is, somehow, how we think at one point in our lifes. -Is that event true though? N ... Read more »

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An irreversible error has occured....An Irreversible.........

slkjbbqwiiu[Chapter 1-2]

Hey guys!! Another release and that took...I dont know >> You do the calculation! This was actually suppost to be released yesterday....Yeepee! lol

First of all, I want to thank the awesome staff that made this release possible. Ayaka, Gintoki-Chan. Without them, this wouldn't have been able to be here at this moment.

Actually, there was going to be a One shot released, but things happened and it cant be out right now. Please enjoy this release of Corpse Party. Just sa ... Read more »

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